Making “shower thoughts” scroll.

So, distracted driving aside, making the shower thoughts scroll was my next biggest concern. If this is the first post you’ve chosen to read on my blog then you might be better off starting over here.

I sniffed the Canbus some more and was able to see some kind of communication pattern for making the scroll function work, but making my python script scroll the message would allow me much more control about how fast or frequently the message would scroll. Here it is in action:



I’ve uploaded a new script to my github that includes this functionality.

Now that I have a better understanding of how the LCD is controlled, I want to use the screen for more useful information. I have an in-dash Nexus 7 and would like to parse the information of the currently playing track to the car’s system as if it was an iPod. Frank Zhao was kind enough to leave a comment on my previous post pointing me in the direction of the Apple Accessories Protocol (AAP) which I will also begin to tinker with at some point in the future.


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