Canbus Sniffing the 2012 Hyundai Genesis Coupe

This project started as the base point for disconnecting the factory LCD screen from the low speed CANBUS network and inserting an Arduino Duemilanove with an mcp2515 board  in order to use the LCD to display more useful information.

The hardware I used was selected from my pile of Arduino’s and the cheapest SPI CANBUS board available on Aliexpress.

The Hyundai Genesis Coupe has a Canbus input in the harness for the factory radio screen. The FSM is provided by Hyundai for free and anyone can download it from their website, the specific image I used to figure out the Canbus inputs was this one:

CAN- being low and CAN+ being high. Unfortunately, this bus only seems to carry display information for the factory LCD and doesn’t actually have any “control” messages running around for the radio’s volume or input selection or anything else for that matter. A user on the GenCoupe forums (Dreadie) has found another Canbus location behind the radio. I’ll try that location out at some point but for the time being I want to see if I can isolate the factory LCD from the Canbus and use it to display information from my in-dash Android tablet. Right now I can control the time displayed on the screen:

However, the original message for the system time setting is still being sent so unless I send my message every 10ms, it doesn’t stick. This is why I want to remove it from the system. One of the next posts will pick up from here,  I’ll disconnect the LCD from the Canbus and have it only listen to messages that I send it. I’ll also make a greater effort to take more photos and improve the general writing style of these posts.

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